What Is CyberEye?


Noting such potentials of virtual domains to support hurricane risk assessment, the authors and their collaborators embarked upon the development of such a cyber-platform that used open-source development principles to enable the community to integrate existing data, models and simulation tools into a collaborative environment. By adopting a modular approach for this platform called CyberEye: A Cyber-Collaboratory for National Risk Modeling and Assessment to Mitigate the Impacts of Hurricanes in a Changing Climate, its capabilities could expand in time. CyberEye’s development has focused on supporting two distinct work flows central to hurricane risk assessment and mitigation: high-fidelity Rapid Risk Assessment (RRA) and robust Data Intake and Discovery (DID) to better enable the use of data to inform and validate models used in hurricane risk assessment. Competing web-platforms for hurricane risk assessment and mitigation generally fall into two classes: (1) real-time data aggregators intended to support decision makers in preparing for and responding to landfalling events and (2) archives of historical data. In this regard CyberEye provides a single platform that combines both of these core functionalities to serve not only researchers but also various stakeholders.